I joined a small-scale company that apparently follows a startup culture and is a fan of best practices. After I had worked in a large-scale service-based company for almost 3 years. …

I am sure you wish for a good life! Yes, I am talking to you. :P

People want to be blessed with good things in life but trust me nothing comes free of cost. You have to practice good habits to have good things in life.

Here are a few…

As a general DevOps practice, monitoring and notification once any deployment or process gets executed successfully should be implemented.

Jenkins is as easy this nerd looks like!

Jenkins is an open-source and a relatively easy tool to get hands-on with it. Jenkins can be integrated with almost all the frameworks and other tools. Using Open source tools comes…

Chandrapurnima Bhatnagar

Dreamer |Creative| Passionate Photographer | DevOps Engineer

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